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Hauling in the Greater San Diego, CA Area

Are You Ready to Clear Away the Clutter?

Dispose of unwanted items in an eco-conscious way

Let's face it-you've been holding onto a lot of unused or broken items for a while. Simplify your life by removing the clutter from your home. The skilled team at A&N Coastal Hauling in San Diego, CA can take care of all your junk removal needs.

We go the extra mile to sort through unwanted items, so you can rest assured that everything will be disposed of properly.

Find out how we can save you time

Loading up your car and driving to the dump is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Save yourself multiple trips by calling on the professionals at A&N Coastal Hauling. No matter how big your junk pile is, we have the necessary equipment to load it up and haul it.

If you're in San Diego, CA, go to the Services page now to learn more about the items we can haul away.

Don't run the risk of injury

Are you cleaning out your San Diego, CA office, building a new room onto your house or getting rid of worn-out furniture? Instead of pulling a muscle to pack up and haul off those cumbersome items, leave the heavy lifting to the experienced crew at A&N Coastal Hauling.

You’ll appreciate our:
Timely and professional manner
Environmentally friendly practices
Affordable fees

If you’re sitting on a truckload of unwanted items, don’t stall—give us a call to arrange for your junk hauling service in San Diego, CA.